Hey you, i am Felix Carl!
Interior design student, Hft Stuttgart

Ordered systems, axes and balanced proportions as well as clear lines in relation to humans have always been of great importance to me. Therefore, my focus in the design of buildings and interiors is on the well-being of the people. I am interested in how the body and its senses react to different spatial and light situations, materials and colors. I find it fascinating how people perceive spaces differently and that this perception can be positively and negatively influenced by tiny details.

People live habits. These are usually a hindrance to open up to new and break old patterns. So if you go through life with your eyes open, you will first recognize the different possibilities that are offered to us. For example things that are considered normal or immutable are completely different in other environments or cultural circles.

Therefore it is very important for me to take nothing for granted, to question and analyze everything. For example how architecture and interiors affect our way of life and affect life itself.

I am looking forward to design places and things that move people and influence their lives.

#designthinking #designyourfuture